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(no subject)

Feb. 25th, 2012 | 05:08 pm

If you're trying, I'm staying (:

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Just A Week Away. Haih :')

Feb. 22nd, 2012 | 12:24 am
mood: busy

Focus dear! This is the time. Now forget about them. You just got to do it for yourself. And du'a is your prayer, remember that. Just a little bit longer, so stay strong. Pull yourself together. Set your mind free from him. Think about the results and of course your dream. You go girl (:

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Jan. 29th, 2012 | 04:09 pm
mood: bouncybouncy

Flynn Rider & Rapunzel. Awh such a cute couple.

Awesomeness HD :D

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I'm done trying (:

Jan. 29th, 2012 | 03:11 pm

Yeahh I know. I shouldnt stop. But I think if it has been destined, then we will :D

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Aww It's Photography ♥

Nov. 28th, 2011 | 02:32 pm
mood: excitedexcited


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Nov. 14th, 2011 | 02:21 am


aybe it's an old drama but I just watch it and it is awesomee and cute.
The best thing about this drama is that, the couple didn't have any kissing scene. haha.
That's what I like the most. There is so many cute,sweet and heart melting scene instead of kissing scene -.-

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How Do You Know When A Guy Is Checking You Out?

Nov. 11th, 2011 | 09:26 pm
mood: mischievousmischievous

Well, I want to stop thinking about him. That’s all. I have the thought that he might already have someone special, and then I decided to stop giving a hope. Those times were just so sweet to think of. Since my MUET is just a week away, I want to check out some good essays. But I couldn’t find a topic that would attract me to read more, so I decided to search on essay about love. Lols :D.  
Then I found a site that describe about how a guy checking out a girl who literally means that he is into you. I was laughing so hard because those thingy just made me remind of those sweet times, heh again -.-

You did all those below, and makes my heart flutter. Hesshh. Damn you :D

凸 So it's true that when a guy stares at you, he's checking you out especially when he's smiling.
Aww melts.
When the guy looks at you more than three times or when he simply just stares and turns back around as soon as you do.
You catch a guy looking at you and he looks away, then you see him looking at you again, he's interested. 
Shy guys will keep avoiding eye contact, but they're still interested.
Hehh he is just that type of man.
Confident guys will maintain eye contact the second time and maybe smile. If you smile back, you might get approached.
凸 Men tend to be extremely obvious so if he's looking at you with that "I'm interested" look, then he's checking you out. Don't be afraid to make eye contact with him. Let him know you know he's looking.
I am too shy to look into his eyes. Hesshh, I need to pluck up my courage ! :D

Duh-uh ! I thought that I want to stop all these thingy, but I just can't resist those glance. Lols :D

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Writer's Block: Secret love

Nov. 3rd, 2011 | 01:13 pm
mood: amusedamused

Have you ever had a secret admirer? What happened?
* embarrass just by thinking of it.
 Most of them are the shy type guys. So the rumors going around, and some of his friends did something so that he could approach me but still, they are not brave enough.He kept looking just from a distance, and we did checking each other lols.
But it is okay if he is not confessing since I hate confession. It is better to remain this kind of relation.  :)

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Oct. 31st, 2011 | 01:45 am
mood: naughtynaughty


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Donghae's twitter update

Oct. 31st, 2011 | 12:35 am
mood: lovedloved

Originally posted by vixoon at [111001] Donghae's twitter update

@donghae861015: Don't look at me!!!! lockerz.com/s/143300119

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